Sugar Detox Day 10 of 21 (Looking Towards the Future) ranhealthychef

Sugar Detox Day 10 of 21 (Looking Towards the Future)  ranhealthychef

The Chef That Ran Herself Healthy

Sugar Detox Day 10 of 21 (Looking Towards the Future)

Having made it through the worst day I’ve had on this crazy Detox adventure, I awoke recharged and angry- I will not be one of those people that are controlled by their appetites. Been-there-done-that and I am NOT going back.

Years ago, I was the fat kid on the block and I worked hard to lose that image and build myself a better one. I was never overweight as a kid, in fact I was quite the opposite, (‘Beanpole’ was my junior high nickname) tall and skinny until about senior year in high school. Once I hit college, where I acquired a degree in Culinary Arts (ie. eat, eat, eat), I ballooned up to the point that I was one of those people that simply couldn’t get out of their own way. I spent about five years being controlled by food. The pretty pictures on television, in magazines and on the majority of grocery store products went right to my brain and directly to my fat stores. It took a while for me to even realize that I was fat and a bit more time to eliminate the fifty extra pounds I was carrying.

Present day finds me where I should be on the scale, with a healthy BMI and I no longer look like one of the women that can’t keep their rolls contained in their clothes. I keep myself in check with plenty of exercise (normally) and a healthy diet (usually). I experiment with challenges like this one when I find myself falling back into the old habits that lead to me carrying around a small child worth of fat. These challenges are usually long enough to re-train my brain into healthy food choices and return me to sanity.

This challenge, however, is a bit different. While it is definitely making me appreciate the sweetness of the natural sugars found in fruits and keeping the added calories from baked goods off my waistline, it is lacking in the overall structure I found in the change I made to Clean Eating last year. Dummy me, I’ve realized that I am now leaning on carbohydrates as a crutch for my peace of mind during this sugar detox. Which is stupid as until ten days ago I was really quite good with limiting the amount of carbs I consumed. So I pretty much substituted one evil for another, not at all what my plan was. Awareness is the first step so I will see how the next eleven days go – can I keep the pointless carbs off my dinner plate?

Carbohydrates in the form of breads, pastas and rice seem to be the leading foods people just aren’t willing to live without. All foods that when eaten with any regularity and not worked off in the form of intense, long-term exercise, settles mid-body in the form of rolls and jiggle. Not exacly something I want hanging around my body. Which leads me to begin contemplating the future… Is a carbohydrate detox next??

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