Juicing For Weight Loss – The Pros And Cons

Juicing For Weight Loss – The Pros And Cons

Those who eat much, and are overweight due to that, are often spotted wondering when will they lose some weight, and how do some people actually do it without having proper tummy- filling meals. When it comes to weight loss with juices, women are more in need and are more devoted than men are. They just want to build huge bodies and muscles. Hence, the very first target at body building gyms has become weight loss. Juicing for weight loss is a great technique. It is a detox method of dieting where one only needs and is allowed to consume fresh fruit juices. Morning, noon and night it is just the fresh juices you have to be with. It is an excellent diet for weight loss, and it works quite well with men.

Juicing for weight loss

Let’s begin with a glass of water in the morning. Following it, take fresh lemon juice. You can continue to have fresh fruit and vegetable juices to complete your morning, and throughout the day, you would be surrounded by juices and soups and stalks. There must not be more than 3 – 4 hour intervals between two juices. Other foods or beverages in between are absolutely prohibited. You can continue the juicing for weight loss plan for up to 20 days minimum and 40 days maximum, to have glimpses of the desired effects of weight loss. After the 40 day juice fast and diet, you can revert back to your normal diet, but it will be a different you and a different diet, altogether. Since you have been kept exposed to the juice fasting for a long period of time, switching to a heavier diet would not be that easy for you. Hence, you will get habituated to a lighter diet, beneficial and healthy.

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of juicing for weight loss.

The pros of juicing for weight loss
  • Juices are great sources of vitamin C and E. These vitamins and other nutrients from juices bring your teeth and gums the health and strength they need. Immunity gets a varied boost with juice dieting. The body’s potential to absorb nutrients like zinc and iron from food elevates with juicing, due to minimum digestion required.
  • Sugars from fruit, i.e. fructose, are instantaneous energy sources and juicing well provides one with instant energy all the time.
  • With juicing one can maintain a low GI and reduce fat in the body.
The cons of juicing of weight loss
  • Since all
    Weight loss juices
    the fiber from the fruit and vegetables is excluded while preparing juices, the body is devoid of dietary fiber with juicing.
  • Excess juicing won’t help always since the upper limit of the body to absorb fructose is fixed, which cannot be altered. Hence, excess of fructose consumed can turn up diarrhea.
  • Fruits also contain sweet calories, which are more in juices since just one glass of juice may consume more than 5 pieces of fruit – too calorific for a reduced calorie diet.

Completely fasting on juices for 20 days is not a good idea, as it is perceived. Hence, a balance between raw fresh fruit eating, juicing and eating the other foods is the best thing one can do to attain the benefits of proper juicing for weight loss.