Just as with any other surgery,

Just as with any other surgery,

Just as with any other surgery, liposuction also comes with certain side effects. Depending on the patient’s health conditions, these side effects may vary individually. Inorder to minimize these risks one has to reveal their entire medical history to the surgeon depending on which, he/she can make an informed decision. There are many potential side effects of liposuction. Some of them include:

Bruising: Bruising maybe expected when having a liposuction procedure performed. Salt water is injected into the site to help minimize the bruising.

Swelling: The swelling may go down with rest and with the use of ice packs. Salt water may also be used to help minimize the swelling.

Scarring: Scarring may be rare with liposuction. It can occur if the skins enzymes are broken down. Keeping the wound clean and dry may help reduce scarring.

Anesthesia Side Effects: Depending on the anesthesia used, some people may experience side effects from it. When undergoing a general anesthesia for liposuction, doctor should make sure that one is in good heath so your risk of anesthesia side effects are minimal. The risks may be greater if a person undergoing a general anesthesia has heart disease, nerve damage or poor circulation. Age may also be a factor, since older people are at a higher risk.

There are many risks and complications that come along with having a liposuction procedure done. The risks are minimal when you choose a surgeon who is well qualified and also experienced to perform the surgery.