Houghton House Expands Offering to Include Patients From the UK

Houghton House Expands Offering to Include Patients From the UK
Houghton House Expands Offering to Include Patients From the UK

Houghton House, South Africa''s leading addiction treatment center, now offers cost-effective treatment to the United Kingdom market.

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, October 30, 2011 /Health and Fitness PR News/ -- Houghton House drug and alcohol rehaballition centres are pleased to announce that they are accepting patients from the United Kingdom. A huge factor in recovery and future success in sobriety is a solid rehabilitation programme offering the addict the tools and education needed in order to continue life outside of the programme. Through a tried and tested approach to substance abuse, Houghton House can offer a highly personalised approach to recovery and reintegration. Houghton house offers comprehensive services to assist addicts and their loved ones, through screening, medical assessments, therapy, relapse prevention, fitness, healthcare and reintegration we ensure that the path to recovery is more easily accessible.

Houghton House centres offer some of the highest recovery percentages of all rehabilitation programmes in the country and they would like to open the doors to UK patients to offer a safe and effective programme to those abroad. As discussed in the centre''s relapse-prevention programme, vicinity to the social arena in which the drug addiction took root as well as the exposure to the high availability of those drugs are major factors in re-exposure and failure to maintain sobriety. By offering assistance through one of their many programmes to UK clientele, they can allow the addict to recover, sober up and deal with any deep-seated psychological issues away from home, away from the drug supply they suffered in and without the acquaintances who might have been factors in their down-fall with drugs or alcohol.

Substance abuse is dealt with slightly differently in the UK, with a lot of addicts falling on hard times and surviving on government assistance, the level of care supplied is often of a much lower standard and does not experience the same success rates as a centre like Houghton house.

For the UK patient, South Africa offers a cost-effective destination with an exchange rate which makes experiencing the country with UK pounds easy, even on a budget. Houghton House addiction treatment centres offer private high-quality care at a low cost, a great choice for an international patient looking to get away from temptation and bad influences back home.

Houghton House addiction recovery centres offer end to end holistic treatment for a broad range of substance abuse problems. They have experienced success with patients addicted to a range of different substances including meth, khat, cocaine, crack, heroin, prescription drugs and alcohol. UK patients will be treated with our same holistic approach no matter what substance dependency the user is inflicted with.

About Houghton House

Houghton House run four different treatment centres in Johannesburg, Gauteng, all of which run 24/7 help lines willing to assist, admit and advise both addicts and their loved ones. Please don''t hesitate to call their help line, on 011 787 9142, even from the UK for assistance in being admitted to one of their recovery and rehabilitation programmes.

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